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Top 7 Wines ansd Winery Regions in France

champagne franceFrance is a land of vineyards and winery. Most tourists visit the country to have a wine tasting tour in the renowned winery regions. The most extraordinary thing is that the varieties of wines in France have names according to the regions the wine has been grown and processed. Below are the top 7 leading wine regions that you should tour on your next visit to France.

1. Champagne

The champagne region located in the northeastern part of France near the Reims city, about 100 miles from the city of Paris, is noted for the best wine ever globally since the 17th century. It is during this time that a monk by the name Dom Pierre Pérignon came up with a technique of making sparkling wine. The wine’s varieties are made using red pinot noir, black Pinot Meunier or the white Chardonnay grapes.

On touring the region, you will have a chance to visit the most renowned champagne collections at the Mumm and Mercier wineries. Here you can taste the champagne varieties as well as learn the techniques of making this sparkling wine. If you still got time, you can visit the Notre Dame cathedral where your guide will explain the history of the many kings crowned there.

2. Bordeaux

bordeaux france wineriesThe Bordeaux wine region located on the Atlantic Ocean prides itself on being among the most famous wine regions in the country. The area prides in its deeply colored red wines. The best thing about this part is that its location is next to the sea. This quality makes it a center of attraction for tourists who love beach sceneries.

3. Alsace

Alsace france wineriesSome people call it the most beautiful wine growing region. It has big cities such as Strasbourg and small cities like Colmar. The region has numerous wine villages that are surely photogenic. There is great food too in this beautiful area. The region has a taste of Germanic flavor since historically it is said to have been part of German. The grapes used in the processing of wine in the area are the sweet Rieslings and other Germanic grapes.

4. Loire Valley

It is the land situated at the Southwest of Paris along the Loire River is well known for its medieval cities and fairly tale French castles also known as Chateaux which make the region a center of tourist attraction. Its best wines are the sweet whites. Although there are few cities in the territory, the great food here will give you the notion of staying longer.

5. Burgundy

Burgundy france wineriesHistorically, the region developed its popularity during Charlemagne rule. It was the time when monks started making wine at Burgundy. It is the best region to visit if you are a lover of white wine made from Chardonnay grapes. This wine region found in Eastern France has the best food in the world (no doubt about it). If you love a countryside view, then the place fits you. There are many small villages in this region with farmers who own vineyards in small scale. The area has beautiful sceneries, French castles (Chateaux), traditional abbeys and above all great French food.

6. Provence

Provence france wineriesProvence is a region full of hustles and bustles. Despite this fact, you are guaranteed to spend months here and not get bored. There are a variety of scenic and many small cute villages in this region found on the South-east of France close to the Mediterranean. The weather here is also quite predictable. During summer, you are sure to enjoy leisure walks along lavender fields. The best cities here include Aix, Arles, Avignon, and Nimes.

7. The southern Côtes du Rhône region

The red Châteauneuf-du-Pape is the most common wine here. The area also produces red, white and rose wine. The area, found on the Southern part of France along the Rhône River, also has great sceneries that will make you want to stay more.

Great Tourist Attractions You Need To Check Out When Visiting Paris

centre pompidou parisKnown around the world as the city of lights or the city of love, Paris, as France’s capital, is one of the leading centers for culture, art, entertainment, fashion and business in the world. In fact, just the simple mention of Paris conjures up images of its popular cathedrals, museums and landmarks. Therefore, if you’re planning to go on vacation here and make the most of your time while visiting, here are some of the best tourist spots you should certainly check out.

Centre Pompidou

Located in the Beaubourg area of the fourth arrondissement, the Center Pompidou features a high tech architecture and is a popular cultural institution that’s very valuable and cherished by the French people. The place houses a panoramic terrace, a movie theater, a bookshop, the National Museum of Modern Art (which is the greatest museum of modern art on the continent) and also a large public library.

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Amazing Travel Tips to Guide Your Visit to France

suitcaseTraveling is fun, but when combined with the packing hassles, it becomes a tedious process. Packing for a visit can be one hell of a preparation. France comes with loads of lovely stuff. Therefore, you only need to carry few items during your travel so as to leave enough space to fill the suitcases with great souvenirs from this winery country. Make your packing easier with these tips;

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7 Tourist Destinations You Must Not Miss When Visiting France

eiffel towerFamous for its cheeses and wines, France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, receiving a staggering eighty two million foreign tourists every year. Those who come here are attract by Normandy, Brittany, the wonderful castles of the Loire Valley, but also a surprisingly entrancing countryside and lots of unique historical cities. On top of these already gorgeous places you can visit, France also offers the Island of Corsica and the Atlantic Coast, some great beaches on the French Riviera and an overall agreeable climate. Therefore, if you plan to visit it, you’re going to be impressed with France’s overall beauty and diversity.

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