How to Improve Customer Experience

Every customer service representative can relate to the anxious feeling of suddenly engaging in an unexpected and unpleasant interaction with a customer. Customer experience refers to the overall sentiments of every interaction that they have with a company. Customer experience accounts for what happens leading up to the support call. Companies such as Pine Hills Towing strive to their abilities to deliver an all-round and commendable customer experience.

If you are ready to build a better experience for your customers, here are some of the ways to go about it.

Illustrate the customer journey

Before you can work on detailed policies and initiatives, it is important to get prepared. The first and most important step you need is to create a customer journey map. This map entails an outline of every step your customers go through with interacting with your business. It should include engagements that extend beyond purchasing a product. When building this map, consider a range of options to ensure it is all-inclusive.

Audit your customer experience

Since a customer journey is affected by every unit of your business, you mustn’t focus on only one department. To get a complete picture of customer experience, consider the unique interactions and perspectives of all your internal departments. The most important departments you will want to focus on our marketing, sales, and customer service. Your customer service and success team can provide vital insights into the reality customers are faced with while doing business with you.

Dedicate a clear focus

Your customer service is not going to change overnight. It is important to demonstrate to your entire company a clear focus of the new initiatives you want to take. You should also dedicate someone to execute all the plans you set in place. This person can be the chief customer officer whose duty is to communicate changes, facilitate operations, and oversee everything that touches on a customer.

Make use of data

You need to distribute customer experience data to your entire team. Keeping your employees in the know regarding the conclusions you have found from your research will play a key role in helping them optimize their daily internal processes such as workflow automation, customer routing among others. When there are issues from your customers, they need to be addressed faster. Ensure you can fix all customer roadblocks as fast as possible.

You must improve product and service quality. Make use of your customer success teams in getting vital insights on usability issues regarding your products and services, and anything else affecting the overall customer experience. With leaders and contributors from your success teams, you can review top support tickets to identify the most common issues affecting your customers.

You should also learn from churn when it happens. If you can generate a 5 percent increase in customer retention, it will help in raising your company’s profits by at least 25 percent. Your business needs to keep customers always engaged. Low engagement will typically suggest a higher risk in terms of customer churn. Create as many engagements as possible and increase upsell opportunities.