Best Shopping and Fashion Centers in Paris

shopping in franceShopping in France means a lot of things to different people. For some, it means visiting favorite gift shops, while for others it means visiting traditional and modern malls to shop. Whichever way best works for you, Paris offers a large choice of shopping boutiques and malls at affordable prices for anything you need be it cloths, roofing materials, makeup, just anything. Shopping in Paris is not limited to the malls and boutiques; there are many designers and designer stores spread across the city.

Shopping Season

The luxury and departmental stores are mostly situated along the Boulevards of Paris. Other shops can be found in various districts of the capital. For travelers and bargain shoppers, Paris has two major sales periods; These are the Summer sales that begins o Wednesday, June 25th to Tuesday, July 29th. The other is Winter sales that start around 8th January of every year.

Where to Shop

1. Avenue des Champs Elysees

Avenue des Champs-Elysees is the most famous location. The avenue is quite expansive and offers a splendid view of Arc de Triomphe. At this avenue, there is almost anything you need. You will meet businessmen and women interested in trading with you both in small and large scales. You can find cafes, cinemas, books, clothing stores such as Celio, Gap, Zara, Adidas, etc. Accessories such as Louis Vuitton define the avenue. Additionally, you will find impressive supermarkets such as Monoprix and Disney toy stores.

2. Lyon

You will never be disappointed if you decide to go shopping at Lyon. Lyon is among the largest cities in France and has a broad selection of shopping items. To begin your French shopping experience at Lyon, you can visit Rue de la Republique and see what the city has to offer. Here, you will find the best shopping experience of what Lyon has to offer.

3. Rue de Passy

Rue de PassyRue de Passy is a street located in the 16th department, a classical chic area in Paris. It is a narrow one-way street, long enough for one to do endless shopping. At this street, you will be surrounded by a variety of boutiques and small shops. Owners of these shops are allowed to sell whatever brand they like, and not opposed to selling one brand like a franchised merchandise. You can find almost everything, ranging from toys, furniture, patisseries, home decorations and various foods.

4. Rue de Rivoli-Le Marais

Rue de Rivoli-Le Marais is one of the longest streets in Paris. What makes the street stand out are the many shops that include popular names in the world. The street is filled with original designer accessories, craft, and antique shops. There are many bars, cafes, and bookstores all for the satisfaction of customers.

5. Lille

Lille is a primary choice for shopping in the north of France. The historic center of Lille has a broad range of shops of different types with a lovely backdrop that are supplied by the Flemish style architecture. Lille comes to full life especially in the weeks before Christmas where shoppers from all over northern Europe come to enjoy the Christmas market.