Why You Need a Travel Insurance Cover For Your Next Upcountry Tour

health insuranceMany people loosely understand what travel insurance means.  It should never be confused with getting insurance for Towing purposes. This insurance for most people seems like another expense, and that is why some try to avoid or raise many questions around it. However, travel insurance is important and necessary if you want to make sure you will be able to afford medical care when you are abroad.

Travel insurance can be put into two main categories. – a package plan that involves trip cancellation insurance and a package plan the that does not cover trip cancellation, but focus on travel medical insurance.

The Basics of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance premiums vary in great deal. As it is important to get a great deal and value for your money, it is equally important to choose a level of cover that suits your needs and budget. On you cover, extras can be added to the basic policy until you have a substantial cover that you are confident in. Whichever way, here are the basic travel insurance cover you need to know, and the importance of getting on of such cover.

1. Emergency Medical Expense

Getting ill or wounded while abroad can be an unpleasant experience and no one would like to fall for this shortcoming. For convenience and cover against the unfortunate, you need to have a travel insurance cover whereby doctors can attend to any situation that might befall you, without having you to spend extra money for the same.

2. Trip Cancellation

In case you have to cancel your trip for whatever valid reasons prior to your departure, the policy will reimburse you the expenses on the prepaid non-refundable portion of the cost of your trip. If you have sufficiently purchased a travel insurance on your trip, most of the insurance plan falling under premium category will let you upgrade to cancel for any reason.

3. Coverage in Remote Area

emergencyIf you are on a tour to a remote part of a country, you need to consider the need for medical treatment should any unfortunate situation arise. If you suffer an accident or sudden illness while in a remote area, you may require to be uplifted to a hospital. You may get injured during a hiking trip or get lost in a remote area. If any of these happens, be assured your travel insurance shall have you well covered.

4. Stolen Luggage

Losing a luggage with personal items can be quite disheartening. Perhaps you might briefly set off to search for something, only to return and find your luggage is missing. When applying this cover, you need to fill a form that states the items in your bag. In case the luggage gets lost in unfortunate instances, your insurance will properly cover you, and you won’t have much to worry.

Apart from these four, a travel insurance covers you on other aspects such as trip interruptions, emergency medical evacuations, repatriation of remains, accidental deaths and dismemberment among others. Travel insurance should thus not be seen as an extra expense or liability, but it is an important cover that would come in handy to your rescue, should any unfortunate incident happen.