All You Need to Know Before you Set off For France

FranceYou could spend your whole lifetime while on holiday in France and still not exhaust the riches this country has to offer. Paris is arguably the most glamorous city in Europe. It is among the most romantic cities in the world. Visitors to this country find themselves surrounded by exquisite architecture, world class shopping, culinary delicacies and much more.

The most important factor that should drive you to visit France is tourism. Most of the French people enjoy the holiday in their country. The best times to visit France is during the spring months – April to June and during autumn, which runs from September to November.


Frankly speaking, climate doesn’t need to be a major consideration if you are visiting France. Northern France, just like the nearby Britain is wet and can be unpredictable. Paris climate is marginally better than that of New York, and it rarely reaches the extremes on both upper and lower scales of temperature.

The proximity of Atlantic defines climate in the west coast. It can be subject to violent storm and thunder. As you leave the coast behind, the center and east have a more continental climate characterized by colder winter and hotter summers. The most reliable weather is along the Mediterranean coastline and on Corsica.


Paris is made up of up to 20 arrondissements (which is a level of administrative division in France). Most people only know the first eight because they host monuments and famous museums. When you arrive, be sure to explore everywhere, including the tenth, eleventh and nineteenth arrondissements. They are home to great restaurants, concept stores, and bars.

Hotels and Accommodation

There are hotels in Paris and other cities in France, all suited for every taste and budget. For families traveling together, they can find cheap hotels on the quiet side street which is away from the city’s shopping district. Hotels are quite safe and offer bed and breakfast as well as paid cable TV, and free wifi. These hotels are charming and intimate, and the will cater for you and your friends without breaking your entire travel budget.

Life in Paris

parisIn Paris, the month of August is the most peaceful. Shops, restaurants, and bars all close during August making the city to fall quiet. You need to ensure you get everything right and all you need to be done before August arrives.

Best views in for the city can be experienced from the Eiffel Tower and 43 Up on the Roof. Drinking in public is not illegal. Drinking wine in bars, along with the Seine River, by the canal or in a park will help see the many beautiful squares the city has to offer.

Where to Go

Regarding where to go, you can easily navigate, even on foot on these small towns up to the busy commercial centers. There are all types of activities to do as you enjoy your holiday in France. You can tour the city, visit different regions, walk along river banks, explore mountain ranges and much more. There is endless scope for endless outdoor activities ranging from canoeing, walking, cycling, skiing, and sailing.