Amazing Travel Tips to Guide Your Visit to France

suitcaseTraveling is fun, but when combined with the packing hassles, it becomes a tedious process. Packing for a visit can be one hell of a preparation. France comes with loads of lovely stuff. Therefore, you only need to carry few items during your travel so as to leave enough space to fill the suitcases with great souvenirs from this winery country. Make your packing easier with these tips;

What You Need to Pack?

1. European adapter

Just like other European countries, France uses a three pin power plug. Since most countries use different plugs, it is advisable you carry yours from your home country. Otherwise, you can still purchase it from the electrical shops in France, though it could be a bit pricey.

2. Extra bag

It is obvious that you need to stock several souvenirs on your way back home after a visit to France. Carry an extra carry-on bag and fix it in your traveling suitcase. You will be glad that you packed it after seeing all the exciting stuff that France has to offer and you need to take them back home.

3. Relevant documentsairline tickets and passport

It goes without saying. The first things to fit in your traveling bag should be your traveling documents that include passport, visa, credit cards and airline documents. You don’t want to reach the airport only to realize you have your passport missing.

4. Wash clothes

It is not a must have for some travelers. In most French hotels, they stock plenty of towels but not washcloths. If you love scrubbing your face with a washcloth, then you will need to pack one.

5. Comfortable shoesshoes

France could be dusty sometimes. You will, therefore, need to carry comfortable shoes as you visit different sceneries. Two pairs would be great, one open shoe and another one closed.

6. Winter clothes

Depending on which season you schedule your travel, you may need to carry some winter clothes. A warm jacket, some scarves and gloves will do you no harm. Remember, don’t take the whole wardrobe unless you are planning to stay for the entire winter season.

7. Guidebook

A guide book in a new country is a basic item. It is your teacher to direct you to the various areas of this beautiful country. Although some attraction centers that you visit may provide some guides, it is important that you have your comprehensive guide and map.

8. Gadgetsmy gadgets

There are certain devices you can never leave behind during travel, and especially when going to beautiful cities like Paris. Carry your phone and camera. A small camera tripod is the best for this travel due to its flexibility in positioning when you need to make some shots.

What You Don’t Need to Pack

Hair dryer- Almost every hotel in France stocks hair dryers. Why do you need to fill your bag, yet you will be crying for some space during your come back.

Backpacks -Streets, as well as tourist attraction sites, have all sorts of people. Don’t be a victim of evil pick-pockets who can quickly access your bag. If you must use one, carry it from the front or instead use a sling bag that you can easily access from the front.

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